Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions - retailers only
When you place an order with us at Strö you also accept our purchase terms and our handling of personal data. The terms can be changed, so please read them carefully before confirming your purchase. 


Order Placement

When you complete your order on the webshop, via mail / phone or at the fair, you will soon receive an order confirmation via email.

The order confirmation is your acknowledgment that we have received your order and this is sent out automatically from our system. Always check that your confirmation is correct and save it for any contacts with our customer service. If you do not receive an order confirmation, please check that your email address is correct and notify Customer Service if not so that we can send you a new one.

All orders made are binding.

  • The minimum initial order value is 1000 EUR.
  • Minimum minimum initial order value in Sweden is 10 000 SEK (excl. VAT)

After the first order is placed, there is no longer a lower limit on order value. However, read about the freight cost in the section further down.


Packing and availability
The items that are not displayed when logged in as a retailer are items outgoing or sold out. 

The remaining items have either stock status "In stock" or with a scheduled month for delivery.

If it is sold out, this means that the item is out of stock, but that it can be on order but that the delivery date is not set. Contact us for more info.
All items are sold in in minimum quantity as they are packed in a box.

Keep in mind that the number you order must always be multiplied by the number that the items are packed. E.g. 6, 12, 18, 24 etc ...


Delivery and Shipping
The goods are delivered with DHL Within Sweden and to other countries with Dachser.

- For Finland and Germany, the shipping cost is 8 % of the value of the delivery (however, at least 50 Euro in shipping per requested delivery occasion).
Orders over 1500 EURO, discount is given on freight. 
- For countries within the EU (except the ones above), the shipping cost is from 10% of the value of the delivery, depending on volume and location. (Minimum cost 60 EURO) If it is more than 10 % we will try to contact you via email. For deliveryvalue over 1500 EURO the freight will be with discount

-For countries outside the EU, the shipping cost is 10% of the value (Minimum cost 60 EURO) . Also - An entry fee of 50 EURO is added on the freight cost. If it is more than 10 % we will try to contact you via email.
For delivery value over 1500 EURO the freight will be with discount.

If orders from countries outside Sweden are placed in a currency other than EUR, the actual shipping cost applies
When choosing a telephone notification, the customer has the opportunity to choose the day and time for delivery (Price 13 EUR)

For specific conditions in
Germany and Austria and Switzerland - Look under AGB when on German site. 

Terms of Payment

A credit check will be done at your company. If the company is creditworthy, we will send the order at 20 days credit. Otherwise, we will ask for payment in advance.



If there are items left on order after delivery, this will be sent to you when the goods on the order have arrived to us. We always try to contact before the final delivery, but this is not always possible. Please let us know if you have any special requests for this.

If the value of the backorder is less than 300 EUR, we reserve the right to delete the order.

We are not responsible for delivery delays depending on the supplier.   



Any complaints on items not in shipment must be received within 8 days of receipt of goods.

When complaining, always start by emailing and supplement the email with pictures.

 If we think it's necessary, we will ask for the reclamation in return (Strömshaga will pay for the freight) 



10% discount is given on goods purchased for a larger quantity than the minimum quantity. Look under each item what number is required for the discount.