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At this page you will find information about our products and collections, we will share tips and advices and meet people who inspire us. We will guide you through our sortiment and share our favorites.

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Spring Season at Strömshaga

Spring/Summer 2024 at Strömshaga

We welcome spring and summer with handmade earthenware, storm lanterns in new colors, cozy candle holders and soft textiles in summer patterns. Our collection for SS24 consists of a mix of new products and previous products complemented by new colors and sizes.

A glorious Christmas

Tips for an inviting Christmas home

Emma and Emelie have once again brought life to our products and inspired us with wonderful interior design and amazing photos. This time we're invited to Emelie's warm, Christmas-decorated home. Read about and get inspired by the girls' tips to create a truly inviting Christmas atmosphere at home!

Enhance the autumn coziness

Creating the Ultimate Autumn Coziness
Find inspiration in Emelie Sundberg´s delightful home, where she and her freelance colleague, Emma Johansson, have creatively showcased our latest products.

An atmospheric season

Autumn season 2023 at Strömshaga

Once more, autumn graces us with its vibrant foliage and refreshing winds. Strömshaga eagerly embraces this atmospheric season, presenting a selection of new products harmonizing flawlessly with the autumnal hues and ambiance.

Welcome to Summer

Let's welcome Summer, both indoors and outdoors!

We have once again paid a visit to Emma Johansson who, together with her freelance colleague Emelie Sundberg, interpreted our garden products, textiles and many other nice things in her greenhouse. We have also visited Emelie in her kitchen where she has set up a beautiful table!

It's spring at Strömshaga!

Spring/Summer 2023 at Strömshaga

Dear spring, we have awaited your light and warmth, along with everything else that you bring. Strömshaga welcomes spring with warm colors, soft shapes and beautiful patterns.

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