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Välkomna sommaren

Välkomna sommaren både inne och ute!

Vi har återigen gjort ett besök hos Emma Johansson som tillsammans med sin frilanskollega Emelie Sundberg tolkat våra trädgårdsprodukter, textilier och mycket annat fint i sitt växthus. Vi har dessutom besökt Emelie i hennes kök där hon har dukat upp ett vackert bord fullt med godsaker. 

It's spring at Strömshaga!

Spring/Summer 2023 at Strömshaga

Dear spring, we have awaited your light and warmth, along with everything else that you bring. Strömshaga welcomes spring with warm colors, soft shapes and beautiful patterns.

The most cozy autumn nest

Make the home your coziest nest this autumn
When the sun is low, the air feels fresher and the mornings are both colder and darker, then we know autumn is here. All we want right now is to put on warm socks, knit sweaters and warm ourselves under a blanket with a cup of tea. That and lighting candles of course. 

Summer is here

Garden tips and a greenhouse tour
We have visited Emma Johansson who together with her freelance colleague Emelie Sundberg interpreted our garden products. Read the interview with Emma where she shares some garden tips.

Autumn at Strömshaga

Autumn/Winter 2022 at Strömshaga
Dear Autumn, we welcome you with atmospheric lighting, lovely pots, beautiful school posters and stylish, practical jars.

A magical garden

Decoration for gardens and greenhouses
Welcome through the open doors to a greenhouse filled with greenery, herbs & beautiful details. There is room for plants, growth and flowers, but also for coffee breaks and relaxation.

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