The most cozy autumn nest

A tradition here at Strömshaga is that Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson help us capture that special feeling. That dreamy feeling that makes us stop for a moment and just soak up their lovely styling, the environment and the images! Now Emelie and Emma have visualized how you can create your very own crawl this autumn. A place to sit back and warm up for a while. Be inspired by the results here.

Make the home your coziest nest this autumn

When the sun is low, the air feels fresher and the mornings are both colder and darker, then we know autumn is here. All we want right now is to put on warm socks, knit sweaters and warm ourselves under a blanket with a cup of tea. That and lighting candles of course.

Pot Vera in several different sizes and colors.

The Ebba lanterns light up the autumn darkness.

After a summer when the home mostly acted as a passageway and we more or less moved out, we are now eager to really settle in, clean out and make the indoors nice again. Some of the summer flowers are starting to get ready for winter rest and maybe it's time to stock up on new green plants that can handle the new, slightly darker season?

A light in front of a mirror creates a nice effect.

The wall lamp with mirror is in the color antique/brass.

Spread light everywhere

Lighting is never as important as now in autumn when the days are getting shorter and darkness is creeping in. Investing in a beautiful lamp and a few lanterns to spread around the home really gives that cozy and cozy feeling that we so need right now. 

Wall basket Pil Iris Round is sold as a set of 2 and can become a creative decoration together with some flowers.

Floral decorations of dried flowers, ivy and some fresh hydrangeas.

Hang the flowers

When the cut flowers start to disappear in both gardens and shops, you have to find other things to decorate with. And it's not just on the table in a vase that you can have your flowers. Strömshaga's round wall basket is a wonderful alternative to a wreath and will be a nice piece of jewelry on your wall or door.

Champagne Glass Low Kerstin adds extra luxury to everyday life.

Tea Light Holder Ebba is one of the autumn news available in several colours.

Autumn is the time for routines. This is when we so often start exercising and eating well, but it's also a time for recovery and pampering. Cooking slow cooker and listening inwardly. To slow down and turn the tempo down a bit.

Pots in autumn's color palette

Putting on some quiet music, lighting some candles and replanting a flower in a lovely pot, it doesn't take much more than that to make a dark cold day in October. At least not if you ask us. Now we embrace the holiday of coziness and unwind in the quiet corner of the home.

Pick in the flowers that have been outside during the summer.

Pot Vera is available in several colors and sizes.

Styling & photo: Emelie Sundberg and What Decorates My Day for Strömshaga 2022.



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