As Christmas approaches

We begin the Christmas season at Strömshaga with a fantastic interpretation of our products by Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson. Welcome into their magical world where we are inspired by a decorated Christmas tree, garlands and table setting for the mulled wine party.

Can you feel it? The scent of spruce, cinnamon, mulled wine and hyacinths? We are so close to the coziest holiday of the year that you can almost touch it. When we think of Christmas, we think of warmth, gatherings, candlelight and tasty food. Skip that Christmas stress and focus on slow living; eat well and spend time with those we love.

A must for the Christmas feeling would be the Christmas tree, right? Preferably one that smells lovely. Walking into a room with a sparkling Christmas tree one of those early, cold mornings in December and being greeted by the light and scent can be one of the best feelings we know. To wrap Christmas presents as well. Because the gift’s wrapping can be as much of a gift as the gift itself! As they sit under the Christmas tree it can even become a part of your Christmas decor.

Brown old-fashioned gift wrapping paper for the Christmas presents.

Nutcracker in the shape of a mushroom made of FSC-labeled beech.

Are you the type of person who likes crafting? Then we would recommend making small garlands of spruce twigs and amaryllis. Don’t forget to carefully pour some water into the stem of the upside-down Amaryllis so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Isn't the best thing about December the actual preparations for Christmas? Small, cozy crafts so simple that the children also can participate? Make garlands of dried orange slices or decorate oranges with cloves and hang in the window with beautiful ribbons.

And, now to the coziest tradition of all - decorate the Christmas tree! Small rosettes made of textile ribbons and garlands and ornaments in real brass with classic Christmas motifs are beautiful to hang in the Christmas tree or to use as decoration over a table or in a window.

Garland with ornaments in real brass. Available in two lengths.

A wooden Christmas tree in true Carl Larsson spirit is a classic Christmas decoration that can follow us for generations. This Christmas Tree candlestick is an old traditional model that is easy to assemble and disassemble and then practically flat when it's time to put away in a box when Christmas is over.

Glögg, or mulled wine, with almonds and raisins, as well as gingerbread cookies with mold cheese is an important part of Christmas. A side table beautifully set up with glögg, rice pudding, gingerbread and lollipops with polka peppermint flavor never goes out of style

Handpainted candle holder made in Sweden.

Tin Hugo for Pepparkakor, gingerbread cookies.

A small glass bowl with an etched pattern for the Christmas candy.

There's something magical about Christmas, don 't you think? And maybe that's exactly what we need in the darkest of December. A feeling of warmth, light and hope. And a little bit of magic ...

Emma with her arms full of Christmas presents.

Styling & photo: Emelie Sundberg and What Decorates My Day for Strömshaga 2021.

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