Bathroom Inspiration

Bathrooms can be perceived as impersonal and perhaps a little boring. It’s not the first room we think of when we decorate our home, but small details can make a big difference! With beautiful mirrors, practical storage and toiletry bags, we can get a more personal and cozy bathroom. We let Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson, behind What Decorates My Day, style our bathroom assortment in Emelie's beautiful 1920s villa.

On the wall above the sink you see Karin, our bathroom mirror with a practical small shelf to put tins, make-up and decoration on. On each side there are three hooks to hang necklaces and other jewelry.

In one of Emelie's bathrooms, a small antique wall cabinet was filled with toiletry bags, the scented candles Mjörn in the lovely scents Linne, ’Soft Linen’ and Nytvättat, ’Fresh Laundry’ together with tins for pads, tops and hair bands in the tin series Ralf. A small box in the shape of a seashell is perfect for jewelry or hairpins.

Tins in the series Ralf.

When Emma posted this picture on her Instagram account, she was overwhelmed with comments and questions about the mirror. The mirror is called Karin and is a large folding mirror, also with an antique silver finish. Put it on a dresser or dressing table, or hang it on a wall. A cute mirror that fits in bathrooms, bedrooms or walk-in closets.

Above the mirror and dressing table hangs our pendant lamp Gunilla in an old ’shoemaker’ model. The lamp shade is made of colored pink glass that creates a nice glow now that we are moving towards darker days.

Tri-fold mirror Karin.

Let us also mention toiletry bags. Perfect not just for toiletries and make-up, but for all the little things that must not be forgotten when you leave home. The toiletry bag Lisen is a cosmetic bag in cotton velvet with a wonderful floral pattern in French vintage style.

The bathroom is one of the rooms we spend time in every day. It can be both difficult and costly to make major changes to a bathroom, but we hope some of these bathroom ideas can help you create an easy and affordably update to your bathroom interior.

Styling & photo: Emelie Sundberg and What Decorates My Day for Strömshaga 2021.

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