At home with Patricia Rodi

Some years ago Patricia Rodi, her husband and dog moved from Gothenburg, Sweden to a Victorian house built 1860 overlooking the sea in Scotland. Today, she freelances as a digital creator and interior stylist alongside her job as a researcher. Patricia's genuine sense for interior design is characterized by harmony and personality. Her style is relaxing, beautiful and, of course, inspiring! We are so happy that she brought some of our products with her last time she was in Sweden. Join us for a peek into her home where we also get some tips on how to think when decorating.

The kitchen hadn't been touched in over 20 years when they carefully renovated it. A new floor, more storage and they managed to create a characterful kitchen perfect for cooking, hosting and life. We can clearly see Patricia's personality in the kitchen and we are fond of the way she combines both old and new, the material choices and calm color scheme. On Patricia's blog you will find a guide on how to style open shelves. In her kitchen, she has presented some of the candle holders in the Hedda series and vase Linnéa from Strömshaga.

Teapot in the Emil's Enamel serie ready to brew.

The lamp Pelle is easily attached with a clamp and lights up the kitchen shelves.

Group strategically: The candlesticks Hedda in light green and dark grey. On the shelf vase Linnéa.

Patricia loves to share how to's on her blog and Instagram account. In a post she shares a great and affordable way to create something special for your next dinner party. Head to your local fabric merchant and get half a meter of your preferred fabric (sometimes they sell “fabric scraps” i.e uneven lengths of fabric that can be bought for a cheaper penny). No need to take out the sewing machine, just cut the fabric into squares and cut off any hanging threads. If you have any remaining fabric use it to tie the napkins before placing on the plate. Match the DIY napkins with Strömshaga's candle holders Hedda.

Patricia's main tip for when decorating a home is to start neutral. Neutral does not mean to go all white, mix stone white, milky white, limewash white, green pigmented-, red pigmented,- and yellow pigmented whites. Neutral colours can provide a versatile base layer, opening up an array of different decorative possibilities by layering textures, pattern and other colours. Add a lamp, vase, candlestick or any favorite object and give the room character and charm.

Pendant lamp Anita fits nicely over the side table.

Glass vase Linnéa in grey.

We hope you feel as inspired by Patricia's home as we do. All her guides and how to's can be found on her blog or Instagram where she also shows more of her life, home and nature in Scotland.

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