About us

Strömshaga is a Swedish interior design brand. Our products are sold at several online stores and shops around the world. At you can discover all our products and find lots of inspiration. We only sell to registered retailers, find your nearest store here.

Welcome to Strömshaga!

Our history

We started our business 1973 with a local shop named Balders Hage in an old house in Alingsås. In 1980 our business moved to another property in the neighborhood, a lovely house with a great atmosphere. In March 2007 we sold the shop which today lives on in the same style and atmosphere now run by new owners.

In 2005 we opened our new shop in Gothenburg. It was a beautiful and inspiring shop which became a favorite among many. During this time we also had a summer shop at Marstrand, an island north of Gothenburg. In June 2008 we opened an online shop, In the spring of 2019, the Gothenburg shop was sold and got new owners as well as a new name - Krut & Krusiduller. The online shop is still run by us.

In addition to the shops, we also operated a wholesale business specialized in household utensils, glass and porcelain. 1987 the business was sold and replaced with wholesale business focused on home textiles. This company was sold in the mid-90s and continued under the name Nyblom & Kollén until 2017.

 The interest in resuming the wholesale business started to grow as our children became more interested in the same area. In 2010 we decided to go for it. Following an intensive autumn with negotiations across the globe, we managed to present a booth at the Formex Fair in January 2011 which became the starting point for the current Strömshaga AB. The name Strömshaga is taken from the family’s childhood home, the manufacturer Oskar Molander’s old villa in Alingsås.

We are driven by the vision to bring a unique feeling to every home with inspiration taken from the past. Close to our heart you'll find classic Scandinavian, country and rustic design. Welcome to Strömshaga!

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