A magical garden

Last year we teamed up with Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson on an early summer day in May for a summery photo shoot with products from Strömshaga's garden range. We are so very happy how our products got pictured in this magical environment. Welcome through the open doors to a greenhouse filled with greenery, herbs & beautiful details.

The pot Olstorp.

Plant stand Ida.

Small, handmade clay pots perfect for cuttings and seedlings. The terracotta material balances the moisture in the soil. Make sure to have a small tray or saucer under the pot as it becomes damp and condensation can occur under it. 

The plant labels makes it easier to remember what you planted. We have different planter sticks with names in Swedish and German and one stick for writing your own text.

Twine holder with scissors.

Planter sticks for your seeds.

A tray with handle is a practical and nice detail for your garden. Fill the flower boxes with bulbs, soil blocks, plants and flowers. You can also use them for garden tools you want to carry with you, a nice toolbox! These boxes are also charming to use in shops and boutiques as window displays. Fill them with flowers and greenery!

The pedestal Ida looks great in the green house, but is just as nice in your home.

A thinner blanket like Hedvig are great for chilly spring and summer evenings on the porch or patio.

A kerosene lamp lights up when the sun goes down.

Outside the green house the lantern Sonja light up. The lantern stand is easily inserted into the ground, in a flower bed or in a pot and becomes a charming detail in the garden, on the patio or balcony. The hanging stand with a kerosene lamp is a beautiful detail on the terrace, porch or in a greenhouse when it gets dark outside

After a long day of gardening when the sun begins to set outside the greenhouse, you are well worth an ice cold drink. The champagne glass Kerstin is perfect for all spring and summer festivities. Surely you can feel the scent of summer?

Styling & photo: Emelie Sundberg and What Decorates My Day for Strömshaga 2021.

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