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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to the most common questions Strömshaga's customer service receives.

For private individuals

As a private individual, can I buy products from Strömshaga?

As a private individual you can not shop directly from us. We only sell to registered retailers. Visit the Find Store page to find your nearest retailer.

Where can I buy your products?

Visit the Find Store page to find your nearest retailer. The product range may vary between retailers, always check availability with the store.

I can not find the product I want at any of your retailers. Why?

The product can be among our news and has not yet reached our retailers, but it may also be sold out. Contact us if you do not find the product.

I have a product from Strömshaga, what do I do if I want to make a claim of it?

Any complaints always go through the store or online store you bought the product from. Get in touch with them and they will guide you further.

Vilka öppettider har er outlet?

Här hittar du aktuell information om när Strömshaga Outlet är öppen.


How can I place my order?

We recommend you always place your order via our webshop, Make sure to switch language and currency in the top flag menu to shop in your currency. If you experience problems with our webshop, please email us at or call us at +46 (0)302-700 130.

Can we get a quantity discount?

We offer a volume based 10% discount per article. The discount usually applies to the number per package times 3 or 4. The discount per item can be seen as logged in as a retailer.


How do I make a claim?

Any complaints on items not in shipment must be received within 8 days of receipt of goods. Inform us that you wish to make a complaint by sending an email to Mark it with COMPLAINT in the subject line.

The following information needs to be included in the email:

- Article number

- Quantity

- A description of the problem.

- Attached pictures of the articles.

- Please write if some of the items can be sold at a discounted price.

When we receive your email, we will contact you about how to proceed with the case.

If we think it's necessary, we will ask for the items in return and Strömshaga will then pay the return freight cost.


What is your delivery time?

When logged in as a retailer the current stock status per product is displayed. Stock status In stock means we have the product in stock available for immediate delivery, check category In stock to show these products. Other stock statuses is Available in and Out of Stock.

About stock status: Available in

A product with the stock status Available in means refers to the estimated date when the product arrives at our warehouse and then sent out to our retailers.

What does it mean if a product is Out of stock?

A product with stock status Out of stock means that the item might get an Available in-stock status later or the product might be sold out. Contact us at for more info about the product.


What do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping costs will always be added. The shipping are delivered with DHL within Sweden and with Dachser to other countries.

For shipping costs and conditions in Germany and Austria - Please check FAQ or AGB on the German site.

For Finland, the shipping cost is 8 % of the value of the delivery. Minimum cost at least 50 EURO per requested delivery occasion. Orders over 1 500 EUR means half freight (two shipments).

For countries within the EU (except the ones above), the shipping cost is 10-15% of the value of the delivery, depending on volume and location. Minimum cost 60 EUR.

For countries outside the EU, the shipping cost is based on the volume size of the consignment. An entry fee of 30 EURO is also added on the freight cost.

Within Sweden, you pay 8% or 10% of the delivery value in freight, depending on the postal code. Minimum cost is 350 SEK per order.

- 8% in shipping cost applies to postal codes starting from 10-61 and 63-82.

- 10% in shipping cost applies to postal codes starting at 62 and 83-98.

Orders over 15 000 SEK gives half the shipping cost.

If orders from countries outside Sweden are placed in a currency other than EURO, the actual shipping cost applies.

When choosing notification by telephone with DH you get the opportunity to choose day and time for delivery. Price is 13 EUR.

Do you have a free shipping limit?

No, we don not apply free shipping on any orders.

Why do I have to pay for shipping on backorders?

As we use percentage shipping, shipping will be added on backorders.


I have ordered items that have not yet arrived. What happens to them?

If there are items left on order after delivery, this will be sent to you when the goods on the order have arrived to us. We always try to contact you before the final delivery, but this is not always possible. Please let us know if you have any special requests for your backorders.

If the value of the backorder is less than 300 EUR, we reserve the right to delete the order. We are not responsible for delivery delays depending on the supplier.

What do I do if I want to add products to a backorder?

Place a new order on the website. It will then be delivered with your backorder. To see all items in stock see the category In stock.


What payment methods do Strömshaga offer?

For Scandinavian and German customers, the goods are sent by invoice if creditworthiness has been met. Otherwise, advance payment applies. A credit report will be taken for your company when applying as a new customer or if it is deemed necessary at a later time. The invoice will be emailed to the email address provided at registration if you have not asked for anything else.


How do I become a reseller to Strömshaga?

Request a company profile and apply for a login to our webshop for retailers here. Please fill in the form with your contact details and we will get back to as soon as possible whether you are approved as a retailer or not. In the meantime, you can look around but without price and stock status.

Due to many applications, answers may take up to 7 days.

Where can I find your photos?

All our photos you can find in our Image Bank. All images are the property of Strömshaga AB and are free to use for advertising and marketing of Strömshaga's products. 

By clicking on our Photostream in the menu on Flickr you can search for article numbers using the magnifying glass on the right, above the photostream to see pictures for a specific product. Download the image in desired size. The product pictures have a transparent background and the file format is png. They do not have a white, grey or black background as it may appear in the browser. The environmental images have the file format tiff.

You can also save the pictures from our website. The images will be saved as jpg. or webp. The file format webp. is a new standard format for some browsers. If you get a webp-format but want jpg, we recommend that you use a another browser.

Many ask if they can use our photos we post on Instagram/Facebook. In our social media, we use both our own images and re-post pictures from retailers and customers. Check if the image is in our image bank or send us a message with your question about the specific photos.

Did you get the answer to your question?

If not, you are welcome to contact our customer service by email or phone:

+46 (0)302-700 130

Our customer service is open Monday - Friday 9.00 - 13.00 (CET)